Stories of Excellence

An intimate look at the trajectory of highly regarded industry and opinion leaders and their strategies to achieve operational excellence.

Centralization and Intelligent Product Analysis in Retail

An intimate conversation with Gerardo Grisi, co-owner and CEO of one of the largest retail and pharmacy companies in Mexico

Eyes at All Times - Digital Supervision in Management of Green Areas.

Know the optimization methods that Yaax used to save expenses in material replacement, find areas of opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your operation, and reduce work times in processes both in the field and in the office.

Quality Standards Assurance in Service Centers

Moons, a Mexican invisible orthodontic start-up, rapidly expanded to Colombia and South America.
Fernando Ogarrio share with us how they ensured they maintain their quality standards

Standardization of quality and processes in restaurant groups.

Bruno Bartolino Associate Director of Operations, explains to us how digital tools are of the essence to ensure their high quality standards.

Real-time control and monitoring of security equipment

Isaac Haber uses BeepQuest every day to keep track of attendance at security posts and measure indicators. This is his story